Assistance in all areas of food logistics

Overview Our range of services

For us freight forwarding means providing assistance in many areas:

  • Export/Import promotion
  • Consulting
  • EU Law/Customs and foreign trade law
  • Handling of export and import documents
  • Veterinary supervision
  • Warehousing
  • Insurance
  • Chartering of ships
  • Project management

The freight forwarding which we carry out for exporters can be broken down as follows:

  • American continent: 15%
  • Africa: 22%
  • Near and Middle East/India: 23%
  • Far East / South East Asia: 34%
  • Australia / New Zealand: 6%

If we split our shipments into food and commodity product groups, the following picture focus emerges:

  • Dairy products without temperature control: 28%
  • Temperature controlled products (Butter/chees/eggs/poultry/other products): 22%
  • Sugar and sugar products: 23%
  • Ingredients / food additives: 12%
  • Cereal products: 11%
  • Unspecified products/groups: 4%

Within the trade areas, there are considerable variations of the individual product groups. The range of dairy products to the Far East, North Africa and Central and South America is significantly higher than the sugar shipments, which have a large focus in the Arab countries.

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