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About us

Family-run logistics company since 1983



Company philosophy


Our company philosophy has been up to date since it was founded in 1983:

“Transport increases value”

We do not see the transport service as a necessary evil, but through our service provision the product can only be sold at a profit on the world market.

Of what use is it if food is produced to meet local needs, but these products do not get to where the demand is? Not every product can be produced everywhere in the world.

We see ourselves as a transport service provider that supports its customers in their competitiveness on the world market. This means that we constantly monitor the cost structures of the world market.

We are a food logistics specialist who has specialized 100% in the organization and processing of forwarding orders in the food sector, both in the temperature-controlled and non-temperature-controlled areas.

Facing the diverse export/import economy and its special problems requires far more than just processing orders from one point to another point in the world. Our reputation with producers and trading houses, together with our in-depth knowledge of the world and transport markets, enables CO-LO-TRANS to offer our customers security and peace of mind.

Transport increases value

Company Philosophy

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