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Sea transport

We book for you from the specified takeover location via the European seaports to all ports in the world. Whether in standard containers or temperature-controlled in reefer containers. We offer the right solution for every transport.

We take over your goods from almost every port in the world to the EU ports on the northern continent and handle the import formalities in the port as well as the transport to the destination for you.

Cross Trade
Have you bought goods overseas and now they have to be transported to the other end of the world? No problem, we are happy to support you. Talk to us so that we can work out a tailor-made solution for you.

Ship charter
The cargo quantity is too large for container transport in a shorter time? The port of destination is not called by the liner shipping companies? In the long term, there is no shipping space to the required extent? Then the solution for a certain amount of cargo is: ship charter! Talk to us and we will show you the possibilities.

Air Freight

The shipment is urgent and cannot be transported by other modes of transport for reasons of quality or time. Then air freight is the solution for longer distances. We support you from the acceptance of the goods through all security-related formalities to the airport of destination or to the front door of the recipient, if this is desired. Whether cheap or fast - talk to us and we will show you the possibilities.

Inland container transport

With every sea shipment or air shipment there is an inland shipment. We can offer solutions tailored to your needs. It doesn't matter whether by HGV / TRUCK, train, barge If it becomes necessary because containers cannot be delivered at short notice or the transport has to be stopped briefly, we also offer interim container storage outside the sea terminals.


Thanks to our wide range of experience, we can provide you with competent advice on the possibilities of carrying out a transport for almost any question relating to food transport. If you have any questions about what else needs to be considered in addition to the actual transport, we can provide advice on further questions about all transport-related framework conditions.

Risk Management

Risk management is the basis and the core of our work. In addition to the cost analysis and estimation of possible ancillary costs, this also includes automatic sanction monitoring in accordance with EU and foreign trade law Transport insurance beyond the legal framework is offered This is confirmed to us externally every year by certification according to ISO 9001:2015

Food safety

Since we were founded in 1983, this has been an integral part of our daily work as a food forwarder. This includes an up-to-date HACCP concept, as well as comprehensive knowledge of all relevant EU regulations and much more. Own access to the EU veterinary and plant protection platform TRACES NT completes the package.

Storage brokerage

Do you need external storage for your groceries? We would be happy to provide storage space tailored to your needs from our certified partners. It is irrelevant whether it is ambient/dry storage, cold or deep-frozen storage. We can also offer freezing of the goods in the warehouse.


Customs clearance is a complex and far-reaching subject. However, this is not a book with seven seals for us, but we are at home there. We are at your side as a competent partner in all core areas.
Do you need a reliable customs agent with decades of experience for your export? Here, too, we are happy to take on this task for you for all areas of food exports from many parts of the EU. Processing under license conditions is just as much a part of our day-to-day business as is the creation of preferential documents such as the EUR.1 by customs. This both in direct and indirect representation.

For imports via all EU ports on the northern continent, we take care of the import formalities on the basis of the documents you have provided to us. This also in connection with the veterinary processing in the respective port. As your direct representative, we take care of the transmission of the necessary data to customs or the veterinarian. We are also happy to take over the necessary change of custodian for transfers in Hamburg.


You need a transit procedure for the transport of duty-unpaid goods within or through the EU. We are also happy to do this for any type of food. If only so that you can carry out the clearance with your local customs office.

Project Logistics

From the feasibility study and the development of transport concepts for transport volumes beyond the individual booking and over a longer period of time to the handling of the individual transports with a wide variety of means of transport. You specify the goal and we take care of the most efficient way to get there. We would be happy to discuss details in a personal conversation.

legalization at embassies and consulates

Consular legalization of commercial documents may be required for some countries in the world or even at the request of the recipient. We are happy to support you with this. Years of contact with the relevant consular departments of the embassies and the federal authorities involved allow us to carry out this task for you comprehensively and competently. Feel free to contact us and we will explain the requirements to you.

We will find your transport solution!

We have a well-trained and specialized team that handles most of our clients' back-office operations professionally.

We would be happy to work out a transport solution tailored to your needs. Contact us.